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Thank you for visiting REALLY NEAT STUFF ALASKA. We want you to enjoy your visit.  This site is designed to have fun, maybe even get you to think. 

There's lots of  NEAT STUFF like a FREE chat room, Adult Gags and Jokes, Bumper Stickers, Adult Toys, Scooters, Adult Games, Swords, T- shirts, Hookahs and even a page of Animated Games you can download to your own computer!  Come have some fun! 

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There was a joke here about the Bush Administration.  It pissed-off someone who came to look at this website.  They sent an email telling us how disappointed they were and that they were not going to spend any money on this website because of it:

From: MM    i.smell.a.stinking.rat@gmail.com

"As I was about to place an order on your web site I ran across this banner add...(Joke inserted here), I decided I would rather delete the transaction I was making with your company."

This website was NEVER intended to sell anything.  The only reason it does is because a lot of people asked for it. So if you spend some money on this site or not is not important and has no impact.


There is a section on this website that contains over 40 pages of jokes. This Bush joke might have appeared less offensive if it was contained within those 40 plus pages and NOT at the opening page to the website. For bringing this to our attention MM, we thank you.

Having said that, we would like to refer MM to part of the disclaimer at the top of every page of jokes: "...If you are offended by anything written here, that's your problem and we apologize..."